Prevent Losses With Vehicle Insurance This

Prevent Losses With Vehicle Insurance This

Since school, even when I work, I personally always use a motorized vehicle as a means of transportation. I also prefer to use private vehicles to travel. The reason is, because it is more cost-effective, traveling by private vehicle is more comfortable and practical. However, because of frequent use, my vehicle is often damaged due to improper parking, often falls, and sometimes even gets damaged. For that, I often spend a lot of money when doing maintenance or repairs on my vehicle, until I find an answer to my concern.

What is Vehicle Insurance?

Vehicle insurance is insurance that provides benefits in the form of compensation for damage to motor vehicles caused by accidents, theft, fire, etc.

As we know the number of motorized vehicle users in Indonesia continues to increase every year. This increase in the number of vehicles has an impact on several things such as congestion, increased risk of accidents, and other traffic problems. Therefore it is necessary to have vehicle insurance to prevent losses when these unwanted things occur.  

Many Indonesian people today still do not understand the importance of vehicle insurance, even though there are many benefits that we can receive by using vehicle insurance. Among them:

Providing a sense of security when driving

Having motor vehicle insurance can provide a sense of security to vehicle owners, because they do not have to worry when driving all day, or when traveling far out of town.

Having a Protection Guarantee on Our Vehicle

If something untoward happens with our vehicle, such as when an accident, theft, or fire occurs in our vehicle, we don’t need to worry because insurance will be a guarantee to mitigate losses on our vehicle. For example, if there is an accident and the vehicle is damaged, then we don’t need to worry because insurance will help reduce the cost of repairs.

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Maintaining the Value of Motor Vehicles Motor

vehicle insurance can help maintain the selling value of motor vehicles because insurance will always ensure the vehicle is in the best condition.

Helping Financial Planning

Another benefit of vehicle insurance is to help us organize and plan finances. Because if unwanted things happen to our motorized vehicles, then we don’t need to spend money or drain savings when these unwanted things happen.

Those were some of the benefits of Vehicle Insurance, So now how do you insure our vehicles. Currently, there are many platforms that provide motor vehicle insurance services, such as MPM Insurance, there are many benefits that we get by using insurance products from MMI Insurance, because in addition to providing vehicle insurance products, MPM Insurance also provides various insurance products such as property insurance, insurance personal accident, and many other insurance products. Besides there are many insurance services, MPM Insurance has also been supervised by the OJK, you know, so we don’t have to worry about the legality of MPM Insurance.


“Take good care of your car and it won’t give you a single problem afterward.”

There are types of vehicle insurance at MPM Insurance, namely:

1. Comprehensive (All-Risk)

Vehicle insurance that will cover all risks that may occur including all types of damage and loss of units.

Has certain limitations to cover the damage caused unless you have made an agreement to expand coverage with the insurance company.

For the premium it is more expensive which is about 3%

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2.Total Loss Only (TLO)

Insurance covers the risk that repair costs reach 75%.

Loss due to theft and not embezzlement.

It has a low premium of about 1% of the price of the car.

Will not bear the risk if the damage is below 75%.

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