How to Claim Car Insurance on Credit

How to Claim Car Insurance on Credit

Buying a car on credit is still the choice of some people, especially for millennials who are just starting their careers. Limited funds are often the main reason.

In addition to easier transactions, the car purchase scheme with a credit system is also equipped with insurance.

Insurance is certainly very helpful to reduce risks that can occur in your favorite vehicle, such as accidents or other disasters.

Repair costs that must be incurred when the vehicle has serious problems will also be borne by the insurance company, so the owner does not need to pay too much for repairs.

For those of you who want to make a car insurance claim, here’s how the vehicle owner must do it as reported by Garda Oto, Thursday (30/9/2021).

1. Report immediately

The first step you have to do is report the incident that happened to your car, such as attaching a photo of the damage to the car. 

2. Prepare documents. Reporting

must also include complete documents such as a driving license (SIM), vehicle registration certificate (STNK), a certificate from the police if the damage to the car is more than 70 percent, and a car insurance policy. This is necessary so that the claim submission process runs smoothly and is processed immediately. 

3. Come to the nearest branch

After filling out the report, the vehicle owner must come to the nearest branch. The insurance company will check the completeness of the data and send a surveyor (survey officer) to see the damage to the car. After the surveyor has inspected the damage, you will be given a repair plan at the workshop.

4. Claims through the application

Along with the times, now policy owners can make claims very easily. Only through applications such as the example of the Garda Mobile Otocare application that has been uploaded on a smartphone, the insurance officer will approach to check the condition of the vehicle at a location that has been determined by the vehicle owner.

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