Reasons for Old Cars Can't be Insured

Reasons for Old Cars Can’t be Insured

Motor vehicle insurance is one of the important needs for owners to be able to reduce various risks due to external factors such as accidents, natural disasters, to theft.

The reason is, every risk of damage that comes close requires no small amount of funds to repair it. Thus, it is important to transfer the risk to a third party (insurance).

However, not all types of cars can register for insurance. Generally, only new vehicles can get the related stuff.

Laurentius Iwan Pranoto, SVP Communication, Event & Service Management of Asuransi Astra, said the insurance company is committed to repairing any car damage so that it returns to normal.

“Therefore, retro cars cannot be used, we usually accept a maximum of 12 years, above that cannot be insured,” he said some time ago.

According to Iwan, this is not without reason. Because old cars have limited availability of spare parts and the risk tends to be high.

So that insurance companies do not dare to take that risk, because it is rather difficult to find spare parts for cars that are over 10 years old.

“Original spare parts are hard to find, we can’t promise consumer cars will be good again,” said Iwan.

“Even though that’s the promise of insurance. If you can’t ensure that the promise can be fulfilled, it’s better not to make a promise (it’s impossible for old cars to get insurance),” he continued.

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