How to Anticipate Car Theft

How to Anticipate Car Theft

ferocious Covid-19 has an impact on the decline in global economic conditions which led to layoffs, causing unemployment. If that’s the case, whatever is done to make a living, for example criminal acts such as car theft. In fact it happens everywhere, including in the United States. In Uncle Sam’s country, car theft in 2020 increased by 9.2% compared to 2019. Meanwhile in Indonesia, almost every day there are reports of motor vehicle losses, aka car thefts at the regional and regional police levels.  

According to the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), the majority of car thefts involve old cars without anti-theft technology or new cars with the ignition key left in the cabin. In Indonesia, car theft occurs in popular cars and sells quickly. They not only steal cars parked on the side of the road, in offices or shops, even car thefts occur in garages that are locked with locks. The perpetrators often go around looking for targets while mapping targets and seeing the negligence of the environment. Related to this, the following steps to anticipate car theft that can be done.   

Door Lock 

Always do a “double check” door lock before leaving the car at the car port, in the garage, especially in public parking lots. Never leave the car with the door unlocked and the engine running, even for five minutes. For example, the car in the car port of the house is left for a while with the engine running and the door is not locked because the owner takes things left in the room of the house. In a matter of seconds, the car can be taken away by a thief who pretends to be a guest of the host. 

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Parking Locations  

Never park in a dark, unattended location. In big malls, there are parking attendants who diligently go around to check the condition of the car. But don’t rely too much on them because the number of parking attendants is limited while the cars that must be supervised are more in a large parking area. Therefore, park the car in a bright place and easily supervised by parking attendants. 


Car thieves have two tactics. First, steal the car. Second, if the car is difficult to steal, steal valuables in the car. So never leave valuables in the car and don’t show off anything that catches your eye. “I put my laptop under the driver’s seat, but it’s gone too. Even though the car was only left for 30 minutes,” admitted Bimo, who lost his laptop when his car was parked at a mall in North Jakarta.          

Additional Alarms and Keys  

For older cars without anti-theft technology, it is better to have an aftermarket version of the alarm system. Indeed, it does not necessarily prevent theft, but at least a loud alarm is an additional job for thieves when carrying out their actions. “You can also install additional safety locks such as steering wheel locks or pedal locks. The thief must work hard to dismantle the steering wheel lock or pedal lock,” suggested M Syaiful, owner of the Garage 23 repair shop in Serpong, South Tangerang.  

Garage / Carport  

The use of bright lights in an open model garage or car port makes thieves think about taking action because their actions are easily known by other people such as neighbors who see suspicious movements. It is better if the lights in the garage or car port are equipped with motion sensors, CCTV and alarms to detect and notify suspicious things. 

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GPS Tracker 

Installing a GPS based tracking system will help police to monitor the movement of stolen cars. A portable GPS device that is mounted on the windshield and plugged into the lighter will be immediately thrown away by the thief. Likewise, the GPS connected to the ECU may be damaged as well. However, the more sophisticated GPS is difficult to break down so thieves prefer to miss the car or have it stolen and the car stripped down. Some of the latest GPS technology has been integrated with other systems to “turn off” the stolen car so that the perpetrators just leave the stolen goods.  

Participate in Insurance  

Insurance for motor vehicles includes All Risk (comprehensive) and TLO (total loss only). All Risk Insurance includes coverage for partial or total loss and damage, one of which is due to loss or theft. Meanwhile, TLO provides coverage for overall loss and damage of 75% of the market price of the car. Regarding theft, the insurance company will conduct an investigation to ensure everything related to the crime before submitting a claim according to the provisions. Even though you have taken insurance, it takes an understanding that the car seems uninsured so that the owner is always vigilant. 

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