How Much Electricity Does A Vending Machine Use A Month

How Much Electricity Does A Vending Machine Use A Month

How Much Electricity Does A Vending Machine Use A Month – Vending machine is an automatic selling machine that does not require employees to operate it. These machines are often found in public places, such as airports, stations, playgrounds, recreation areas, and others. In addition to selling food and drinks, it turns out that there are many other things that can be sold through this automatic machine.

Quoted from “Vending machines use 7-14 kWh daily to cool drinks, which can generate an average of $250-500 per year to run”.

Vending Machine Maintenance

The first step:

Use a quality detergent, use warm water and a soft towel to clean the entire exterior of the machine at 1x – 2x a year. Next is to check the machine system routinely every month. This will help in preventing the buttons from getting stuck, and continuing to run normally.

Step two:

Keep it and try to get rid of dirt from the validator pile, by using a damp towel. This method can reduce validator crashes and vending machine crashes.

Step three:

Place the machine in the right place, by installing a distance of 4 inches from the wall behind and side. In order to maximize the air that comes out of the vending machine and the temperature is not too hot. Because that is the cause of the damage to the vending machine. Do not forget to position it on a flat floor surface, or you can coat it with wood. To maintain the balance of the machine.

Fourth step:

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Finally, you must know how much electricity flows to the machine and the model used. Of course we must know it to guard against system damage or electric current.

After Maintenance The Machine Will Not Be Damaged ?

After you perform the above maintenance, it does not mean the machine will not be damaged. Every machine will certainly experience interference and even damage. But at least the machine that you take care of will reduce the risk of damage and can even last for years.

With high transactions every day, maintenance is needed on machines, to maintain income too, because vending machines can be used as investments for entrepreneurs who take advantage of technology and keep up with the times.

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